How to Manage A Business Team Remotely

Wednesday, August 05, 2020 from 8:30AM - 10:30AM EDT


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**Please note this workshop with be held virtually. Registration is required prior to the event to ensure you receive the zoom link.

With the shift in workplaces that resulted from a pandemic and the concern for worker safety, business leaders have closed offices and reconfigured workspaces for those who needed to be in the business. Workers have enjoyed the time saved by not sitting in traffic or, in the case of rural businesses, avoiding icy backroads. Even as restrictions in the workplace are lifted over time, the benefits of remote work may outweigh the shortcomings of separating workers.

Before remote work was required, the location of team members and the concern for cost control drove some companies to the use of remote workplaces. Have those businesses been as effective as the ones who had never opted to use remote workplaces?

In this workshop, we will address the benefits and challenges of remote working, how to set objectives and see that they are met, and the successful elements of focus for the remote manager.

Communication: Establishing a baseline for communications and maintaining fluidity.

Tools: More than video conference accounts, there are tools and capabilities needed to ensure that the work can be done in a secure and open way.

Space: Offices can provide a sense of belonging – filling that need can be a challenge when there is no office.

Focus: Children at home, the lure of news feeds, or that drip of the kitchen faucet can all distract us from the work that we need to accomplish.

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This event takes place online.

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