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Wondering how to plan for the big stuff? Looking for strategies to break it all down for the long haul? Join us for the final workshop of our three-part Personal Finance series that will take you through elements of planning for long term goals like home investments, wills and estate planning.

During this course, you will learn how to take all of the tips, tricks, and tools and set a foundation for long term planning and your financial future.

Topics covered:

· Sinking funds

· Gifts

· Baby step 3

· Baby steps 4-7

· Home purchases

· Wills and estate planning

**Registration is required prior to the workshop in order to receive the Zoom link to join us. This workshop is an online event. Workshops are held in Eastern Standard Time.

About the Instructor: 

Jennifer Strimbeck: started my debt-free journey like many of you. I had done a fair amount of things with money that I explained away with one circumstance or another. The truth was I was not willing to see that, I was the problem, that every day I had choices I had to make to either help or hurt my family and the goals we had to win.

I had tried several things in the past to dig out of the hole I was in. I used debt consolidation only to go back to the cards I had “paid off”. I had gone to the websites to find coupons and fill out surveys to try to pinch the pennies. All the while I was missing the big picture. I was not paying attention to where my money was going instead, I was chasing more money coming in and not paying attention to where it was slipping away from me.

At the start of my journey, I had $78,559.54 in consumer debt plus my mortgage. In my past, I had used common methods for reducing debt that most think are smart money decisions. I had used debt consolidation before and ended up reusing the cards I had “paid off” and got myself in more of a pickle. Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to turn, I had to find a new path. I finally got to a breaking point and found another program. I found a plan and worked my way out of the debt my family was in. Now I take that passion to help others find their way out of their struggles. In 2016, I started teaching others the program that I followed that helped me to pay off my debts in 18 short months. At the start of 2018, I became certified as a Ramsey Preferred Coach.

Giving others the peace of financial freedom and giving others the capability to give themselves a better tomorrow is my goal.

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This event takes place online.

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Hannah Grimes Center

25 Roxbury Street
Keene , NH 03431
(603) 352-5063

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